Harmful Practices Factsheet

Harmful practices reflect the values and beliefs held by members of a family and/or a community that have been there for generations. Some values and beliefs are beneficial to all members, while others are harmful and a violation of human rights.

Some examples of harmful practices are:

  • ‘Honour’-based abuse (HBA)
  • Child/forced marriage
  • Female genital mutilation (FGM)
  • Breast ironing/breast flattening
  • Virginity testing/hymenoplasty
  • Dowry payments
  • Son preference
  • Bride-price
  • Marital captivity
  • Conversion therapy/practices
  • Sex-selective abortion
  • Click the link or image below to download our factsheet to learn key facts about harmful practices, who is affected, indicators and how to respond to cases, disclosures or suspected cases of harmful practices.